Guest Video: Los Nevados National Park — Tolima

Nevado del Ruiz Volcano is in the news now, but it has snowy (nevados) companions.

Together, these volcanoes are so beautiful that Colombia made them a national park.

Today, we’re going to climb Tolima. The narrator is chatty, and I can’t translate his Spanish (here, in English, is someone else’s blog of what looks like the same route), but the music is good and video images of this wild, beautiful place are splendid.

Also, there’s a dog (perrito, also “doggy”).

And they go into the crater, which is nevado, too, because Tolima, while active, hasn’t erupted in about 800 years.

He’s breathless because the summit rises 17,110 feet above sea level.

More information:

  • GVP page.
  • SGC page (Spanish). I can’t get Google to translate this website, something that happens occasionally at a few official Latin American websites, presumably because of their anti-hacking setup.
  • A little science (abstract only, some jargon). It’s very young, in geologic terms.
  • Summit Post page on Los Nevados park. Remember, most of it is closed just now because of Ruiz’s increased hazard.

Featured image: Edgar Jimenez via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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