Writing Update

It might not look like it here, with all these embedded videos — which are fun to post each week — but in the background I’m writing my brains out.

Seriously; apparently that is how to become a good writer.

As difficult as it is, each day there is a little more useful stuff in the slightly enlarged “Writing” file within the braincase.

Am still on Merapi — the last chapter in the Decade Volcano eBook that needed a total revision.

The volcano itself recently drew me out into a premature draft post, but that already has been rewritten several times. The final book chapter is proving just as hard to write as the Etna and Vesuvius chapters did last year.

Almost all of last year.

You readers here and of the book’s second edition will be the ones to decide if it has been worth it.

In any event, I’m gaining confidence as well as experience which will certainly help when I return to the cat-evolution project.

Your interest and enthusiasm are so valuable: thank you.

Would you like to help a little more? Then please consider donating through the tip jar post at the top of the page.

Donations go through Stripe and at the moment will go toward (in order of importance):

  1. Equipment (an inexpensive but decent laptop and, perhaps, digital camera).
  2. Training, if I get into photos/videos now (still undecided)
  3. A few miscellaneous but necessary improvements in professional presentation, so I can go out and interview people and thus finish my journalism Coursera.

If you want to donate, thanks in advance, and as always, thank you all for so much interest and encouragement.

Featured image: Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

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