Rescuing Animals in War: The Dogs of Chernobyl, Ukraine

These dogs presumably can’t be rescued: they’re radioactive.

And then the Russians invaded.

Fortunately, per this article, dogs were still around Chernobyl in October 2022; the team will return there this June to study them some more.

It’s a fundraising video (from late last year), and I know nothing at all about the organization, which the SPCA describes here. Make your own decision on that. It’s a persuasive, not objective, video, but the subject is what really matters here.

Next, from 2018: “These are our dogs. And we care for them”:

Soon after that video, adoption was legalized. This is from four years ago:

More information:


War and nuclear accidents aren’t the only troubles facing humans and animals. All sorts of waves roll in to shore, and no one leaves the planet alive.

It’s what you do while you’re here that counts.

Among the good things to do, giving a piece of your heart to another living being: in this case, one who goes crazy with joy when you walk through the door — and then giving them a tribute like this when it’s time to go…

Box-of-tissues alert.

Featured image: Jbuket via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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