Rescuing Animals in War: The Pride of Ukraine

They’re now in Colorado, per this video posted five months ago.

Full story from rescuers here.

I found this while poking around online after reading this “Express” story about the “armed ex-military” group’s plans to return to Ukraine for a black leopard and a jaguar.

This is something complex: my first reaction is to cheer; next, I hope the animals will be okay during their transit through this non-accredited route and then at their ultimate destination.

At first glance, the Warriors, while not wildlife biologists or trained zoo personnel (as far as I know), look responsible and capable, but I only heard of their efforts this week and I’ll keep an eye out for more information.

Here is an overview of animals caught in the war zone, posted a year ago:

Some lagniappe:

Here’s the story, dated April 23, 2022, about this post’s feature image, via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0:

Animals in Kyiv Zoo during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Lions.
Original description: Life goes on at the Kyiv Zoo: the latest news from the zoo’s residents. The baby lemur Bayraktar has grown up. Tony, the only gorilla in Ukraine, has a healthy appetite and good mood. Horace the Elephant immediately goes to his shelter when he hears an air raid siren. The zebras, which hadn’t gone out in 23 days of explosions, are now roaming outside. The tigress Delilah is recovering after her move from the Kharkiv Zoo. In total, zoo employees have rescued 141 animals whose owners were unable to take care of them due to the war (Photo by KCSA, Oleksii Samsonov)

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