Book Preview: In 2016, Over 6 Million People Threw A Party For Their Cat

Yeah, I went there. I made cat birthday cake.
— Casey Barker,

Casey’s cat Harry Plumparelli was turning 11 and she was certainly celebrating a long, happy relationship. But Casey is not the only animal partier out there.

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 5% of all US cat owners gave Fluffy a holiday or birthday party in 2016.

That translates into roughly 6,144,000 people who wondered, as they chopped up meat for the “cake,” whether they also should make a cat-sized party hat or just go with the catnip ball.

So, how do you make a cat birthday cake–and why?

Short answer: Casey blogged her recipe, which includes chicken, tuna, and potatoes (Harry loved it, by the way). Why so many pet owners do this is hard to say. It’s just one facet of something too complex and deep for words.

Details: Partying is not just a cat person thing. An even higher percentage of dog owners (11%, or 17 million Americans) admitted to giving Fido one in 2016.

The go-to explanation is that pets are substitutes for children, but anyone who has ever cuddled a cat or gazed into a dog’s eyes knows better.

There is a unique animal-human connection here, something that benefits both us and our pet.

Besides, families with children have pets, too. In fact, many dog and cat owners told APPA that Continue reading