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About Natural Disasters: Campi Flegrei, the Phlegrean Fields

I dug up this 2013 post as background for this past week’s excellent blog post by volcanologist Erik Klemetti on Campi Flegrei in Italy–it may warming up again (but there is nothing to indicate an eruption is likely in our lifetimes, let alone imminent). In the midst of life we are in death … An

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Guest Videos: Laguna del Maule Volcanic Complex

First off, here’s a skiing video, without a single mention of volcanoes. But everything they are travelling over, under, around and through is part of the Laguna del Maule volcano complex on the Chile-Argentina border. Yes, it’s an active volcano. In fact, until last year it seemed the most likely candidate for the world’s next

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YVO on Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm

YVO stands for Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. Check their website whenever you see scary headlines about Yellowstone Volcano. Earthquake swarms do happen there, and the top experts addressed the present one with a lengthy post yesterday, describing it in plain English. Here’s an excerpt: While it may seem worrisome, the current seismicity is relatively weak and

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