Guest Videos: Small Cats of the American Tropics: The Acrobat

Oh no that cat didn’t walk upside down along a branch or come down a tree trunk head first!

Oh yes, it did.

Like Asia’s marbled cat, this little cat of the Americas can rotate its ankles 180°.

However, margays do slow down by the time they’ve passed (in captivity) the two-decade mark.

What’s that in human years — 100 or so?

Speaking of giving birth…

That was uploaded two years ago as part of a Zooborns news release. The small zoo’s website has some background and notes that margays typically have just one kitten. It makes sense, since wild margays give birth in trees.

We met this cat last year: too, here’s an in-depth look at the furry little acrobat:

Some lagniappe:

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Northwest…

Of course, the cats come up with new challenges.

Featured Image: Lubos Chlubny/Shutterstock

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