Guest Videos: Sea Wolves


If you’re like me, you didn’t know there were wolves in Africa until last week.

How about coastal wolves in Canada and Alaska?

I met them on one of those wildlife cam videos that you can’t stop watching. It was posted nine days ago and already has six thousand views as of this writing — what will come up next?

Embedding isn’t enabled, but here is the link.

That all happens somewhere in southwestern British Columbia — the fish probably know it as “Hell Creek.” A professional wildlife photographer, based in North Vancouver, has set up the network.

By the way, he labels those cats bobcats — correctly, I think, though their size and thick fur make them resemble the Canada lynx. The coat color matches a bobcat’s on daylight views; also, down in Florida, bobcats have been photographed preying on fish along the coast.

I wonder if they could be hybrids, though.

After all, this is at the far northern limit of the bobcat’s range/southernmost Canada lynx range. Both could be here. And along the US/Canada border farther east, Canada lynx/bobcat hybrids have been documented (jargon alert).

But this is “canid day” and sea wolves are fascinating, if little understood.

Here is video of a pack, by the same photographer, uploaded two years ago:

I didn’t find a Canid Specialist Group page, but here are links to a little more information:

  • Central Coast Biodiversity page
  • Wikipedia
  • Paper: “Going Coastal: Shared Evolutionary History between Coastal British Columbia and Southeast Alaska Wolves…”

Featured image: Ghost Bear/Shutterstock

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