Guest Videos: Asia’s Tropical Spotted Cats, Part 1: Fishers and Flat-heads

These two species share a genus — and a taste for fish — but there aren’t that many online videos of them in the wild.

I found a couple of good ones, though!

In terms of where they live, the tropics have a variety of habitats and cats have adapted in many ways.

Today, we’re first going into the mangroves of Sri Lanka —

Fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinae)

You might have already seen this, as it has 11 million views on YouTube, but the ways it shows this rare wild cat are amazing; also, fishing cats have very beautiful eyes.

Our next little tropical Asian cat was filmed at night along a river in Borneo — perhaps the very river that National Geographic shows at the end of this —

Flat-Headed Cat

Actually it’s just a flattened forehead.

Why? No one knows.

These little kitties are rarely seen outside captivity, and from what I’ve read, wildlife biologists and conservationists still have more questions than answers about them.

This 2018 footage might be the first time one of their kittens was filmed in the wild.

A little lagniappe:

Here is a captive fishing cat, calling. Good luck trying to get that sound out of your head!

Featured image: Donny Agung Prasetyo/Shutterstock

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