Guest Videos: Volcanic Gold

“Gold” or “volcano” — which draws your attention first?

In this video, there’s a brief indirect reference to the volcanism involved in gold ore deposition — “geothermal fluids” — at around the 2:50 mark.

Volcanoes play a key role (jargon alert) in making mineral delosits.

But do they erupt gold?

Quite often, actually. However, it’s usually in volcanic gases — you’re still going to have to shop at jewelry stores.

However, there is one volcano known to produce solid gold (and we have heard of it):

I’m not sure of his specific data, but a reliable source notes that claims of Erebus gold are believed to be valid.

Meanwhile, in the living room —

Featured image: NASA/JPL. It’s anyone’s guess what volcanoes on Venus erupt!

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