Repost: Guest Videos: Mount Erebus

This is from 2018, but per the latest Global Volcanism Program report, the Antarctic volcano’s thermal activity picked up over 2021. Original post below, with one updated link. Bonus link: McMurdo Station live cam (it’s winter currently, and near the solstice, so don’t expect much daylight).

Update, June 23, 2022: Here’s a good article on Erebus.

We don’t usually think of Antarctica as “fire and ice” country, but it has many volcanoes (link doesn’t mean endorsement of company; it just came up in Web search), including Mount Erebus, which erupts fairly frequently and hosts a major lava lake.

Volcanologists also study the volcano’s gases and ejecta from its explosions.

Mount Erebus Smithsonian GVP page.

(I can’t find a working link to updates from the Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory.)

Featured image: Mount Erebus. Source.

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