Guest Videos: You’ve Got to See These Iceland Volcano Videos

Not a clickbait line: One of these videos shows something no one has ever witnessed and survived, and it’s an incredibly beautiful piece of art, too.

Let’s set the stage for it. If you’re following the eruption and/or have been reading the Iceland Updates post here, then you know that the erupting volcano in Iceland started acting like a geyser recently (though its cause must be different from the mechanism behind Yellowstone’s Old Faithful, which these lava fountains sometimes resemble).

This isn’t CGI, folks, and neither is the next one, though that looks something in a movie:

Some of those fountains reportedly are almost a thousand feet high.

The fountains can be seen from Reykjavik, which is where most Icelanders live and, fortunately, is some distance from the eruption and protected by topography.

Someone caught it on film (cuss word alert):

Now comes the mind-blowing one: a drone hovered directly over the crater and filmed the start of one of those fountains (here it is on Twitter, complete with thread):

Words fail me.

Featured image: Hilmarsson/Shutterstock

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