Writing Update/Martian Volcanoes

No, I’m not vacationing on the Red Planet (don’t I wish!) — just wanted to let you know that posts are running a little slowly. Had my second COVID shot Wednesday and then had some side effects, not bad ones, but I did sleep pretty much from Wednesday night to this morning, with one update on things at Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula eruption.

So it’s catch-up time now. The second post on lahars will come out next week.

However, I came across a couple of cool articles about Martian volcanism:

  • Would you believe eruptions on Mars within the last 50,000 to 200,000 years? New research suggests it is possible, at least on Elysium Planitia, a broad equatorial region where several rovers past and present have landed.
  • Meanwhile, Dr. Eric Klemetti speaks up for the little volcanoes in another part of Mars called Tharsis.

There be giants in the Tharsis region, too, and perhaps one day, colonists?

Featured image: Cat: Rasulov/Shutterstock; Mars quarter view: ESA via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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