Writing Update

Hey, I found a treasure trove of information about the two ice-age sabercats that are coming up next!

It’s going to take a while to get through, though.

I want to add to online general information about these cats rather than simply recycle what’s already available (if you’re looking for in-depth but simple, illustrated “species facts,” by the way, I heartily recommend Maurcio Anton’s Sabertooth — disclosure: no commercial connection; I just like it a lot).

It’s really hard to do that with fossils because most research information is bones and various experts discussing and arguing over those bones.

To literally flesh out a sabercat, if you’re not a paleoartist, you have to translate those dry discussions of systematics and molecular biology into plain English as well as get a feel for the cat’s world.

In a way, I’ve been trying to do this for five or six years, ever since deciding to write a book on cat evolution.

Sigh. It seemed simple enough!

Well, hard work does pay off. The Miocene bridge post was sort of a “graduation” for me in terms of writing about cat evolution.

Now it’s time to follow Homotherium’s path through the Plio-Pleistocene world after it loped away from the “toll bridge.”

This new bunch of information will help me do that, but it’s time consuming. There goes this week’s posting schedule right there, but I’m also moving soon, so the schedule will blown away for another week or two.

Though it won’t be this Friday, the next cat post will be on Homotherium.

Then comes Klyuchevskoy volcano to finish up the Central Kamchatka “murder mystery,” which is also a complex topic.

Then everybody’s favorite sabercat (sorry about the ad, but the movie clip that follows is worth it):

And then we’ll see.

And always, thank you so much for your interest, likes, follows, and comments.

Featured image: Daniel Eskridge/Shutterstock

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