That’s what Bezymianny’s name means in Russian.

“Nameless” is also a character played by Jet Li (center) in the movie “Hero.” (Image: Wikimedia)

This Kamchatkan volcano is one of the few volcanoes that have collapsed in modern times.

In fact, some experts refer to the dramatic collapse of Mount St. Helens in 1980 as a Bezymianny-style event.

Of course, Mount St. Helens immediately began to grow again:

Yes, active volcanoes can heal themselves, just like living beings, though few outside the field of geology could picture it until the development of time-lapse photography.

So did Bezymianny, which is why it’s in the news this week.

Volcanologists just published an open-access paper describing the huge Russian volcano’s 1956 collapse and recovery.

I can’t do a full post but wanted to share the paper and its awesome Figure 1 (see top of post), which documents highlights of the full cycle.

That’s a 25-mile-high eruption cloud, folks!

The paper is not in jargonese, but here also is the basic information in plain English.

Next week, we can take an in-depth look at old Nameless.

This week, lets just find it, climb it, and lose ourselves in the wild beauty of the Land of Stone Torches (time out for a 6 x 6 ride, a little berry picking, wildlife notes/cameos, and an impromptu hootenany).

The fact that there are not towering cliffs around them when they get to the dome is what this new research paper is all about.

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