Writing Update

Big news!

I have temporarily taken down all eBooks except the one on small African cats (see sidebar) — just until May 21st — and here’s why.

If you’ve been following writing updates, you will know that there were problems formatting the eBook documents on Amazon when pictures accompanied the text (as in this week’s Feline Friday post, coming out tomorrow).

The software magic that turns a text document into an Amazon eBook had problems with that.

This wasn’t an issue on the Google platform, though the text is not very adjustable when you read it.

I soldiered on until this COVID-19 crisis interfered.

With more time available, I’ve been honing my professional skills as well as blogging. This includes some journalism classes through Coursera as well as building a social network presence on Facebook and LinkedIn (am already on Twitter).

I know: baby steps. But not too bad for someone in her 60s, I guess.

Anyway, there is a wealth of information out there. My professionalism is getting a boost, too.

As a result, I got more fussy and took down the less-than-perfect Amazon cat-family books (as well as my first two eBooks on house cats, which look fine but I want to edit them), figuring the Google Books versions would be sufficient while I check out some other self-publishing options.

And that’s when I realized that I had given Amazon an exclusive deal when permitting some sales options during the publishing process. This means the “International Lineages” eBook on Google had to come down until that permission runs out on May 20th.

Those of you who have already purchased the book on Google might still have access; if not, it will be up again on the 21st. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience!

In the meantime, I will keep doing posts here and explore the other self-publishing options I have found.

As mentioned in an earlier update, I need to use a library’s computer to get my documents ready for publishing. There is some talk of opening up things in Oregon around May 18, but this is tentative.

It still gives me time to complete the final drafts of the remaining books in this series, on Asian and Latin American small cats.

The series?

Meet The Cat Family!

  1. The International Lineages (almost half of family Felidae and available online again towards the end of May)
  2. Africa’s OTHER Cats (on sale now)
  3. Asia’s Small Wild Cats
  4. The Ocelot Lineage


Lots of work, but totally worth it.

After all, other types of releases, like this one, are even more difficult:

This is from 2013. Thanks to conservation measures like rewilding, that number is slightly higher today.

Featured image: Tambako the Jaguar, CC BY-ND 2.0

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