Writing Update

The coronavirus issue has finally come knocking. Nothing personal — I’m fine, as is everyone I know, and I haven’t read of a single documented case in this county. However, the libraries are closed through the end of March, and I need to use public computers to get the eBooks in proper format for uploading to Amazon and Google.

This is not a major problem otherwise, since I work at home. (That’s probably a really good thing right now, actually!)

I’ll try to get both of the remaining books in this series — those on Latin American and Asian small cats — ready to go by the end of March and then self-publish both in early April (when things in the community hopefully will be closer to normal).

In the meantime, the Decade Volcano series on Sundays will continue as planned and I’ll be keeping an eye on the news for interesting geological/space stories.

Thank you, everybody, for your likes and for your encouragement and support!

Featured image: Cyril Weerasooriya, CC BY-ND 2.0

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