Writing Update

Hey, hey, hey — new eBook and a sale on the International Cats book!

This book is about African small cats, and it’s short. It just went live today on Amazon and Google Books.

To celebrate, I’m also offering a much larger book — the International Lineages volume — for free download on Amazon from March 11th through the 15th (the sale runs from midnight to midnight, Pacific time).

That’s a good deal because this covers almost half of the cat family, but I have an ulterior motive.

If you’ve been following the posts on this, you’ll know that there were some problems processing this large document into an eBook. After getting the African cat book out today, I tried something different with this International Cats document and it worked; the text looks great, but I can’t see pictures in it.

That doesn’t mean they’re not there — I might not be able to view them (this has happened on occasion here with blog posts, too). So, would somebody please download the International Cats eBook and let me know, either in a comment or at the email address on the right side bar, if they can see images other than the cover (which is fine)?

Thanks in advance! (Update, March 11: I’ve tried a few other things, such as converting the file to ebook formats before uploading to Amazon, but that didn’t help; since the Google eBook for “International Lineages” looks good, I can only assume it’s a problem with the Kindle conversion software handling such a large document — at least they got the text across well. Sigh.)

There is still some problem with placement of images and text in the Amazon eBook for African cats, but I don’t know how to fix it other than to just keep writing until I’m good enough to have an agent and a publishing contract.

If anyone else has experienced this problem with Amazon’s e-publishing software and has a tip, I’d love to hear it!

Now back to work — there are more South American cats than African cats, so it will probably be a couple of weeks before that volume is ready.

Thank you SO much for all your likes, comments, corrections, and encouragement!

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