Guest Video: Animals Exploring New Places While We’re Sheltering In Place

Seen that before? Bet you haven’t seen a deer waiting to use an urban crosswalk — in traffic.

Animals are apparently out in force across the world, though perhaps not to the extent reported by The Onion several geologic eons ago (March 19th).

I came across this particular video collection of these shenanigans while working on next week’s post on a South American cat, which is why what little narration there is, is in Spanish.

It’s worth sharing because that continent has so many unusual wild animals.

Don’t worry – the videos speak for themselves. And as you’ll see, marine animals are coming back, too.

The deer on a crosswalk is at the end. Enjoy!

C’mon, give the four-footed pedestrian a brake! Thank you.

There must be lots of these remarkable videos and other media online, like this one of a black bear exploring the city of Monterrey, Mexico:

Something to keep in mind when taking out the garbage next time.

Here are some tips on how to handle a surprise wildlife encounter in the wild.

Just remember that animals exploring a new place are especially spooky — keep your distance, take lots of pictures and video, and don’t forget that deer have racked up a surprisingly high body count over the years.

Meanwhile, in Africa . . .

Feel like sharing your favorite pics, videos, and tweets in the comments? Go ahead!

Update, April 25, 2020: Here’s the latest — a few of these are from the videos above, but most are new to me:

Featured image: Don DeBold, CC BY 2.0.

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