Writing Update

What? Don’t young lynxes drop by for wine tasting at your vineyard?

I’ve got the last brand-new chapter of Meet the Cat Family! scheduled as a blog post — it’s about the oncilla, and will appear later this month. All that’s left now is to break up the lynx lineage into separate chapters and then put everything together.

For the first time, I can see the scope of this project and am just going to say that it will be out when it’s out — this is a biggy, even when trimmed down to the basics for each species. I’m still aiming for the end of January, but we’ll see.

Another result of realizing how much is involved is that I’ve knocked down the price of the eBook on big cats (see right-hand sidebar) to $3.99 (the paperback price is also lowered, but it still costs more because of all the pictures/printing costs).

Sure, there’s more information there on each big cat, but having all 30-plus species of family Felidae together is on a whole ‘nother level — yet I want to keep this as much under $10 as possible so everyone can read it.

Lots of work — and I’m having a ball!

Also, as planned, I’m pushing the freelancing a bit more now and have sent out a couple of articles on spec. They happen to be on cats, because of my focus right now, but I’ll do some volcano and other geology-related submissions soon, too.

And once everything quiets down a bit, I will pick up the ordinary pace here but also very much want to complete that South American supervolcano series, as mentioned in an earlier writing update.

Once again, thank you very much for your support!

Featured image: Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0

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