Guest Reblog: The Anak Krakatau Flank Collapse

This was horrible, but I was working on the domestic-cat book and could not give it the time here that it deserved. Fortunately, the Volcano Hotspot blogger did. This link below will take you to the post, which includes everything you could possibly want to know about this volcano and the tragic events. The only thing I didn’t see, though perhaps it’s in there and I missed it, is a link to the British Royal Society report on the 1883 eruption, which is here. And Erik Klemetti discusses such collapses in more detail here.

via Flank Collapse at Anak Krakatau, Dec. 22, 2018 —

Featured image: Anak Krakatau from space in late September 2018. Pierre Markuse, CC BY 2.0

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