Free Feline Fridays, This Month Only!

Whoo-hah! The book is live on Amazon! And you can download it for free on every Friday this month, starting tomorrow!

(Note: This is my first time working with Amazon, and if you run into problems downloading it, it’s probably my fault–let me know at bjdeming at gmail dot com and I’ll fix it.)

One comment

  1. Congratulations! Getting to this point is always a major accomplishment.
    I made a note to myself to get a copy tomorrow.
    If you get serious about publishing e-books, you might want to format your manuscript for Smashwords, too ( It’s a bit more annoying to deal with them because they need the basic formatting done as simply as possible because their ‘grinder’ uses that as a basis for about 6 formats. I sell a lot more ebooks through iBook and B&N than Amazon but those are all via Smashwords.

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