Popocatépetl, 2023: May 19 (1553 UTC)


Yellow, Phase 2.

May 19, 2023,8:53 a.m., Pacific:

Good morning, Popocatépetl!


The volcano does appear quieter this morning, though with a bit of an ash plume when I checked the cams earlier, and there is a VAAC advisory in effect (the third one of May 19th thus far).

Source. Red means the probability of ashall today in Puebla, if and when Don Goyo sets to work again, is high.

Sky Alert shared a nice image of the Colossus of Puebla yesterday:


The online news is also quieter today, thus far. MSN Canada has an interesting story about monitoring here.

It focuses only on Mexico City. As an outsider, I can understand that: I knew nothing about Puebla or any of the other communities in the area until I started to watch the volcano online many years ago.

Popo is indeed an ambassador. ❤ Even if it’s a little grouchy right now.

Closer to home, they continue to clean the streets and wonder (autotranslate).


Earlier posts:

Featured image Popocatépetl in early 2019, by Puebla Civil Protection (Spanish)

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