Canids and Caniforms: Coyotes and Badgers

You probably knew this, but until today I didn’t realize that coyotes and badgers team up.

Here is the long version.

And here are just a few of the many YouTube videos:

More information:

  • BioKids caniform page also has links to canids (the coyote) and mustelids (the badger).
  • Coyote sighting and safety tips from Pennsylvania.
  • The team might be branching out to the Netherlands — watch out for coyotes, folks!

    Maybe, if those North American canids can’t get through customs, they’ll subcontract the job to wolves.

    But since the badgers have leveled up to railways, what would the wolves go after?

    Trains carry produce and other stuff, so —

    “There. How do YOU like it!”–Ground squirrels.

A little lagniappe: Meanwhile, in Africa:

Not a wolf, BTW.

Featured image: Pat Gaines, CC BY-NC 2.0.

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