Guest Video: A Few of British Columbia’s Volcanoes

While all eyes are on Hawaii just now, let’s head north to look at volcanic zones in North America that few of us laypeople in the US have ever heard about.

Grab your hard hat and climbing gear, too, because we’re also going to rappel down the waterfall contact between basalt and granite somewhere around Mount Garibaldi.

This video was uploaded in January 2022.

Only one disagreement: We are not insignificant. As G. K. Chesterton pointed out a few times, we cannot be angels and yet we cannot be animals, either. H. sapiens is stuck on Tusk Rock, looking inward in optimism and despair, mostly unaware of the great simplicity: to see the heights, you must first position yourself on the valley floor and then look up.

More information:

  • Volcanoes Canada.

    In Canada, there is no ongoing monitoring at individual volcanoes because eruptions are so infrequent. However, Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN) currently monitors volcanic regions in British Columbia and the Yukon and can detect very small earthquakes. If unrest were detected near a Canadian volcano, NRCan would respond by providing additional targeted monitoring of seismic activity, ground deformation, gas emissions, and other phenomena in order to find out what was happening, and would prepare hazard maps and work closely with emergency planning agencies to ensure that accurate hazard information was available…

    National Resources Canada

  • GVP: Mount Garibaldi.
  • GVP: Hoodoo Mountain, a tufa.
  • GVP: Endeavour Field
  • Video from Oregon’s Axial Seamount on the Juan de Fuca Ridge.
  • GVP page on the Tseax River Cone and blog post on oral histories and the disaster.
  • GVP: Edziza.
  • GVP: Nazko Cone.
  • Wikipedia: The 2007-2008 Nazko quakes.

Featured image: Photo Volcano/Shutterstock

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