Guest Videos: Canids of the Amazon (and Zorro 內)


These are two of South America’s ten known canid species (seven of the others are foxes, and one is the maned wolf):

  • Canid Specialist Group: Bush dog

    Bush dogs are funky but efficient predators.

  • Canid Specialist Group: Short-eared dog

  • Zorro?

    Actually zorro is Spanish for any fox. The Canid Specialist Group notes that gray foxes are only found as far south as northern South American high country, so this is a specially good sighting, if Mongabay has correctly identified this hungry Amazon critter.

More on South American foxes next time. For now, let’s kick back and look at some of the Amazon’s wildlife:

Lagniappe: A change of pace — I don’t know if you like this sort of thing but “The Mark of Zorro” happens to be my favorite Doug Fairbanks film.

Since the character is so popular, and since Fairbanks started the whole “man in black” thing with his 1920 film, thought I’d share it minus soundtrack for copyright reasons (trivia notes: a Batman connection of some sort; also, Jim Rockford’s dad has a small role in this movie — while he was young!):

Imagine the town overrun by foxes, or worse, bush dogs! 內

Featured image: chendongshan/Shutterstock

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