Guest Videos: Asia’s Tropical Small Cats, Part 4, The Unspotted (plus Thylacosmilus 🦘)

Believe it or not, Asia has two more types of tropical small cat (both with plain coats).

One of these, shown above, can also be seen outside the tropics, in places that are cooler and have more seasons —

Word on the street is that Chaus is also sneaking up to the Animalogic offices, intent on revenge for that comparison to a mere canid.

— The other small tropical Asian kitty is oddly specific about its home.


Perhaps it’s shy. These 2013 images of the extremely rare cat made news all over the world:

Why Borneo? It’s only an island, though one of the largest islands in the world.

All I know is that this question leads far beyond the scope of a casual Friday video post, though it’s something to address in the eventual cat evolution series.

There are several different kinds of habitat in Borneo, and this certainly seems to have appealed to Family Felidae!

I don’t think this person is associated with, but the views of each cat species are terrific. Also, see the big cat? Here is some background info on these and other Bornean “cats on camera.”

Small cats of the tropical Americas will be prowling into the spotlight next, so let’s cross the Pacific and briefly look at a South American sabertooth that had more in common with 🦘 than with Smilodon.

  • Wikipedia
  • Blinded by the bite
  • Before that study, Mauricio Antón blogged about the anatomy of that bite

So where do cats come in? On the land bridge.

More on sabercats here. The very informative first page of this paper is shown, but you can also sign up for a free account and read the whole thing, if you like.

Featured image: tahirsphotography/Shutterstock

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