Guest Videos: Cats and Dinos

Don’t get your hopes up, though I did come across this while researching the post:

The dinosaurs went away long before Family Felidae made its entrance on Earth.

Well, some of them did.

There were actually two kinds of dinosaur in the Cretaceous, and the avian group is still around and thriving as birds.

House cats know this, which is why this lengthy video, designed for them, has 28 million views at the time of writing:

Actual comment: “did i just watch 2 hours of a bird stream with my cat? yes. did my cat leave after an hour? yes. did i continue watching? yes 😄

Avian dinosaurs actually continued to rule the world after the end-Cretaceous extinction, while most of the other surviving land life was still quite small.

The house cat in this video must have thought it had run into one of those “terror birds.”

It seems to have had other thoughts as well.

In the real world, of course, there are no more terror birds and size often favors the cat.

Avian dinosaurs are up to the challenge:

Life in a comfy home tends to soften Nature’s harsh realities, especially for the very young:

Here, have a cuppa. Awake again? Okay!

Birds are rare indoors, and a wonder to be carefully explored:

Wait — where’d that dog come from?

Sometimes, strange and beautiful things happen when cats and birds meet at just the right moment:

A little lagniappe: This one doesn’t have birds in it, but I love the way Derp Lion’s companion responds — following closely along the shore, and then, after it’s clear that his buddy can make it, glaring at the water as if it’s a deadly fiend:

“I meant to do that.”

Featured image: Bachkova Natalia/Shutterstock

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