Writing Update

So, I had watched this video recently and noticed the way those bits of land slowly moved north and west and then glued themselves onto North America’s western coast as the supercontinent Pangea broke up.

And then I was out shopping today, the weather is gorgeous, and the first city bus that came along was one that I know goes by a place that overlooks the Coastal Range — the current form of a small part of one of those bits and pieces.

I decided to film that view and share it with you. Summer foliage obscures most of the view; nothing much happens except me in stream-of-consciousness mode; it’s not professional at all (yet — I need training and better equipment, something your donations can help move forward); and the little phone camera didn’t pick out the eagles well, but here it is (with writing update included):

Here’s the link, in case it hasn’t processed yet.

That bus only runs once an hour, but I didn’t mind the wait. Two more things happened while I was there:

  1. One of the eagles came back and the crows mobbed it. The action ended just as I got ready with the camera — sigh.
  2. Much later, I noticed traffic slowing down, turned to see what it was, and there were two deer bounding across the highway. They were heavier and shaggier than whitetails I’ve seen back East. Again — no camera at the ready; had no idea that was such a lively place for wildlife in the middle of the day. I’ll be ready next time!

PS: Mary’s Peak has a Wikipedia page

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