Guest Videos: 1995-96 Eruptions and 2007 Lahar at Mt. Ruapehu

This New Zealand volcano is restive now, but experts say that an eruption does not appear imminent at the moment.

Update, June 10, 2022: For example:

Ruapehu has thrown some tantrums in the past, though.

This collection of shots Geoff Mackley took of Ruapehu eruptions in the 1990s is exciting!

Volcanologists note that such powerful eruptions are unlikely to occur from this current round of unrest.

He also got amazing video of the lahar that occurred in 2007 when the volcano’s crater lake ran out:

When something similar to this happened on
Christmas Eve, 1953, 151 people died.

More information:


Global Volcanism Program

Dr. Erik Klemetti on the current unrest

Featured image: Janice Chen/Shutterstock

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