Guest Videos: The World’s Other Two Smallest Cats

Last week, we met the tiny black-footed cat from Africa.

It shares the world record for diminutiveness with —

  • Asia’s rusty-spotted cat:

    It’s difficult to find videos of Rusty out in the wild.

    Perhaps you’ve seen this, by the BBC? (I think they used a very young kitten — adults are bigger than a leaf!)

  • South America’s guiña, or kodkod:

    These little cats are rare, and that video is the longest sighting I’ve seen so far. The little felid is feisty, just like the black-footed and rusty-spotted cats — look how it arches its back and hops sideways while approaching the photographer!

    Here’s a bonus: my favorite guiña/kodkod video. There are closeups of the cute little face, and it’s melanistic: a common occurrence in kodkods and their neighbor, Geoffroy’s cat.

    I can’t translate the narration, and there’s no dramatic action sequence, but that wee cat is enjoying the HECK out of the fish.


Featured image:

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