Guest Videos: A Superuption Doublet

Well, actually the reported discovery is about a supereruption doublet tens of thousands of years ago that might have triggered the coldest phase of the last ice age.

The videos are about the sheer beauty of each place.

Today, those supervolcanoes are still enormous holes in the ground, with smaller active volcanoes nearby, still reshaping the landscape, but life has come back and greened up the ancient super-disaster site.  People also live and thrive there today.


Location:  Guatemala.

SupereruptionLos Chocoyos, about 75,000 years ago.  (A little technical, but reliable lay accounts are difficult to find.)

Associated active volcanoes:

Monitoring informationINSIVUMEH (Spanish).  All of these volcanoes are quiet just now and so aren’t listed here yet.


You need a satellite to see the whole caldera lake — it’s that big!

Location:  North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Supereruption: Youngest Toba Tuff, about 75,000 years ago.  (Youngest?  Yes.  I posted about the YTT and other supereruptions here.)

Associated active volcano:  Perhaps Sinabung, but it’s iffy.  One of the volcanic structures closer to Toba — Tandukbenua — may be active, but the Global Volcanism Program includes it on the Toba page.

Monitoring informationMAGMA Indonesia (Indonesian) and Global Volcanism Program.  Toba itself is sound asleep.

Featured image:  chensiyuan via Wikimedia (Spanish), CC BY-SA 4.0.

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