Ho! Ho! Ho! (A writing update)

YES! The Decade Volcano eBook is out at Google and Amazon.

It should be available at other venues soon, but I need to work some glitches out with the people at the new platform, and they won’t be in ’til Monday.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this effort, especially over the last month!

Other writing news

Smilodon is in, so to speak, but I’m going to unwind through the end of the year before tackling this sabercat.

And then we’ll see . . .

That post will finish the cat family. Too, volcanoes kindle a fire in me; I’d like to write more on them.

There are two other things pulling me besides that, though.

  1. I set out to write about how cats evolved and haven’t even scratched THAT “post” yet. It requires exploration of topics like evolution, paleontology, ecology, and climate change over the past 66 million years — still feeling my way on that.
  2. Volcanism probably will become my special topic, but I want to get a broader basis in earth science first: it can’t hurt, and I may find something else I like, too.

In the short term, look for the Smilodon post here, reissue of the cat-family books as eBooks (though with only one picture per cat, sigh), and in addition to news posts perhaps some new general geology posts here, if there’s time (will be doing some freelancing, too).

Hope everyone is having a good holiday and has a great 2021!

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