Writing Update

Well, the Smilodon book that I need to research isn’t here yet, and my move in October was more discombobulating than expected, though in a good way. I’m in a better place that’s more conducive to writing, but funds are low and I’ve had to start freelancing earlier than planned, that is, before the volcano book comes out (was doing well on it, too).

Still, it’s all coming together, and I’m pleased, but the blog has become part of my life and I miss it. I can’t wait for the eventual Smilodon post.

So here’s the introduction to the Decade Volcano book.

There will probably be more posts now and then, but Smilodon is on the way. . . not such bad news as it might have been for ice age people.

Yes, this has been embedded before, but I love it!

Thank you for your interest and encouragement!

Featured image: David Surtees, CC BY 2.0.

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