Just to let you know I’m busy behind the scenes here, getting things a little better organized so you can find what you want more easily, sifting through old posts, and correcting some format mistakes. The menu now works, for one thing: I only noticed today that I had most categories pointing to the wrong place (blush).

Can’t say yet if the appearance will change here. Probably not, but we’ll see. Is there any feature you would change, or something new you wish was here?

Once this basic clean-up is done, I’ll get an author page up — nothing super fancy, just something to introduce myself to editors as I send some freelance queries out.

Also am revising the two domestic cat volumes and working through a journalism introduction at Coursera to hone my professional skills.

And eventually I want to look into more platforms for the books.

All in all, a series of small steps, but I’m moving forward all the time into a full-time freelance/book career.

Thank you very much for your interest and encouragement!

Featured image: Mitch Barrie, CC BY-SA 2.0

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