Guest Video: The Artemis Mission

Here’s more information on the Artemis program (the classical goddess referenced was a sister of Apollo and known to the Romans as Diana).

And here are some of the people who might be going to the Moon in 2024.

The landing site is not any of the old Apollo sites – they’re heading farther south this time.

Might they encounter a welcome committee?

Probably not — the Moon is a big place.

PS: I’ve looked into this a bit more, and there is a lot going on that I wasn’t aware of from just following the news. If you’re playing catch-up, like me, this Wikipedia article is a good place to start out with; it’s Wikipedia, of course, and should be double-checked, but isn’t it amazing how this all seems to be coming together!

Edited, January 19, 2020

Featured image: Luz Adriana Villa, CC BY 2.0

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