Guest Video: Ultima Thule and New Horizons

Update, January 10, 2019: They found a “snowman”! (Fortunately, not one with eyes and a carrot nose, waving at us.) Original post: You’ve probably heard about this on the news. Here is a little background information from NASA and the New Horizons team on the upcoming encounter: Mission page Featured image: NASA Advertisements

NASA’s InSight Landing on Mars

This is scheduled to happen on Monday: Another one of those “7-minutes-of-terror” events. Hope it works! Here is NASA’s “watch online” page for it. And here is InSight’s launch, back in May–two days after lava had started spurting out of the ground in a residential neighborhood in Hawaii on the flanks of Kilauea Volcano. Addendum:

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Meanwhile, at Ceres . . .

. . . the Dawn mission is coming to an end. Remember those shiny spots on the asteroid? They’re still making headlines! Here is an overview of Dawn’s accomplishments: Mission page and “What we learned from the mission.” Update, September 17, 2018: More on Ceres’ three-mile-high ice volcano. November 3, 2018: Good night, Dawn. And

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Guest Videos: OSIRIS-REx Mission to Bennu

November 5, 2018: They’re getting close enough to image the asteroid now, and have found something intriguing: Bennu continues to amaze! This image has been stretched to highlight the surface reflectance variations. Those dark areas have got the team buzzing with excitement! pic.twitter.com/9vzZFcTzpV — Dante Lauretta (@DSLauretta) November 6, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js We’ve gone into a

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Guest Video: Sniffing Out Methane on Mars

On April 10, the European Space Agency announced that the trace gas orbiter–Part 1 of its ExoMars mission to the Red Planet–has finished aerobraking: Here’s why they are so interested in Martian methane. NASA also has a 2020 mission planned and is hoping to retrieve some rocks. (Uh, guys, you’ve already got some!) Featured image:

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