Writing update

Regular posts/reposts resume tomorrow with a video of this past week’s HVO press conference on Kilauea’s growing crater lake (nothing urgent, or I would have posted it as soon as I saw it).

This, though I’m still working on the final MS of the paperback version of Meet the Big Cats! (as mentioned, it has been a learning experience).

Fluffy’s going to be in it, too. (Image: Bruno Caimi, CC BY 2.0)

I had hoped to get the next eBook, on the whole cat family, out by Christmas but have learned not to expect to zip right through this and still put out something good.

Meet the Cat Family! may take a little longer than that, but it will reach Amazon within the next couple of months, if all goes well.

In the meantime, there are mostly going to be reposts here on non-cat-related topics, though I will try to do a new Friday cat post each week — there are a number of species I haven’t covered as blog posts yet, plus I’ve got to break the lynx lineage up into individual chapters on bobcats, Canada lynxes, Iberian lynxes, and the Eurasian lynx.

I’m going to schedule reposts out until the end of January and will intersperse “live” posts with this as possible (or necessary if something big happens somewhere).

As you’ll see, hopefully this coming Friday, the new cat-family species format is a little more succinct than previous Species Fact posts here. Lesson learned: Present facts, don’t talk too much about them.

It’s appropriate to go into depth when focusing on Panthera, but family Felidae has at least 36 37 species (for those familiar with taxonomy or Wikipedia, I’m going to count clouded leopards as one species as long as CITES does, per my explanation in Meet The Cats!; I may also count Latin America’s two little “tiger cats” as one, which would make a total of 36 37 cat species). (Update: I wrote them all out this afternoon and counted 37!)

I need to keep the overall book length reasonable, while still presenting the complete picture as this layperson understands it.

Anyway, there we are. Thank you so much for your interest, downloads, and likes!

Featured image: Sleeping puma in zoo, by Tambako the Jaguar, CC BY-ND 2.0.

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