Writing update

I’m pinning this post to the top of the page for newcomers who may be wondering why there are so many reposts just now. Also, everyone should watch this adorable video!

That’s from this video, which everyone should see because it shows that Fluffy isn’t the only contrarian when you want a cat to do something.

I’ve heard that “Obsession” also works on cats.

As for writing, I just found out that I must move; there are some personal things going on, too. This forces me to shift around my post writing here a bit, mostly in non-cat ways.

Here’s my other favorite screen-cap from that video!

First, the cat posts. I should be able to get this week’s Friday feline out, though not necessarily early in the day.

And next week was going to be the last scheduled new blog post through most of November anyway.

It’s on the cheetah. I’ve saved this cat for last both here and in the book because it’s just so different from the rest of Family Felidae.

It’s hard to see that until you meet the rest of the family. THEN, and only then, are you really ready for cheetahs.

Anyway, I do want to get the cat family eBook out by Thanksgiving. I was going to do this update next week and explain that, even though there are a few cats we haven’t met here yet — two small ones in Africa, some Latin American spotted kitties, and the Chinese mountain cat — I was going to stop the new blog posts for a while, focus on the book, and repost some Golden Oldies.

That’s still the plan; jaguarundi this Friday, hopefully; cheetah next Friday; and then weekly older posts from the archives.

What’s taking the hit because of this move is the South American volcanoes series: this Sunday would have been the big one about predicting supereruptions.

Of course, this is a topic that volcanologists and other geoscientists have much to report on and discuss. Doing a sensible post about this, in plain English, will take more reading, and a lot more thought, than I am able to give it just now, so I’m going to hold off and put that up when I can get to it.

In the meantime, I’ll repost some of the older Sunday Morning Volcano posts (and will also be updating Popocatepetl when necessary, of course).

However, Tuesday Tree posts will be off, as I’m going to explore some of the other topics in these reposts — geoscientists, minerals, geoparks, space, and so forth.

It won’t be a re-post a day here, while I’m hard at work on the book in the background, but I’ll try to get in three a week, at least, and also do new posts if current events require mention (or I come across something too fascinating not to share right away, which has been known to occur!).

Thank you very much for your interest.

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