Kick-’em-Jenny Volcano on Orange Alert

April 1, 2021: The volcano is still on Yellow alert.

Update: On March 22, UWISRC lowered the alert level to yellow, but the 1.5-kilometer exclusion zone is still in place.

Update, March 15: UWI seismic experts note that the number of quakes at the volcano is dropping. However, Kick-‘Em-Jenny has done that before and then gone on to an eruption, so they are keeping the level at orange for now.

No, seriously, that’s the name of this underwater Caribbean volcano. Here’s a post I did on it at the Clear Sight blog in 2015.

The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre has raised the alert level to orange again and has set up an exclusion zone. More details are available in this UPI story.

Per the Kick-’em-Jenny Global Volcanism Program page, the exact details of the current increase in activity are unspecified. A combined British/UWISRC research team recently studied the volcano.

Featured image: Lyn Topinka, USGS, via Wikimedia.


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