Guest Videos: The Bat-eared Fox

This strange-looking canid is in the Namib Desert and does visit the cam mentioned in recent posts:

More information:

  • Canid Specialist Group page
  • Wikipedia
  • Brut: “…it looks like a cross between a fennec and a fox…”
  • More on the hypothesized connection, possibly, with true foxes.

Unlike many of the other small animals, bat-eared foxes don’t seem that skittish around people, if the circumstances are right.

For instance, in a rehab center:

But these little canids are feisty:

Well, there’s no point in trying to run away.
Note the cheetahs’ manes: they’re close to full size but still very young and spooky. Our BEF probably couldn’t have pulled it off against adult cats.

That was filmed on the Serengeti Plain, a much easier place to live than the Namib Desert.

Despite the competition from other wildlife here, bat-eared foxes have their niche:


Featured image: Mateo Juric/Shutterstock

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