Guest Videos: Little Leopard Cats in Snow

So there you are, an Asian leopard cat, just hanging out in the sun doing a whole lot of nothing and liking it very much…

…when this happens:

“Interesting…yikes, my paws and tummy!”

After showing your appreciation of the novel experience by sinking your claws and teeth deeply into her shin, you pack your bags and head south in search of the sun.

But your twin sibling — alike in every way but (you think) not as smart as you — follows the snow north.


You soon forget the whole matter, occupied as you are with a busy whirl of grooming in the sun and competing for food with LOTS of other small tropical cats — exactly the kind of thing your relatives have been doing for thousands of years.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Idiot Sibling, however, is having an adventure. Its paws and tummy weren’t all that bothered, really, by the cold white stuff, because its genes were slightly different from yours, giving it such things as a thicker coat and a little more body fat storage capability.

It soon found that there was no small-cat competition up here in the cold zone, and also, that it could make a decent living for itself by staying near the coast (where the snow seldom gets deep enough to become impassable).

It also posed for this wildlife photographer, starting at about 3:00.

Who needs sun for just layin’ around, anyway?

“Plz to not call “Idiot Sibling” no more. I haz a Facebook nao.”

Some lagniappe:

From back in the days when Russians weren’t behind a new “iron curtain” — Twitter translation:

“Your look when March and spring are already here, but you don’t have a girlfriend yet 🐱

Far Eastern forest cat, one of four representatives of this family from the National Park “Land of the Leopard”. The most feline territory in Russia!🐾

Photo: Vasily Solkin. Thank you master!

Featured image: Tikhomirov Sergey/Shutterstock

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