Guest Video: Lynx in the Bohemian Forest

It’s not easy to find good videos of wild cats in snow, but this 2022 documentary starts off, after the intro, with a beautifully icy time-lapse.

And the cat living in those wild woods, whom we have already met, is gorgeous!

Per Dr. Wikipedia, it may be that this land is so well preserved because of 20th century geopolitical struggles!

I’m glad it is wild, and that the lynx are back.

The Bohemian wolves have their own opinion:

This, together with the cat, puts me in a truly Grimm mood.

A little lagniappe:

Still want snow? There is a creature to be found shuffling through the Bohemian Forest at a time when both lynx and wolf wisely stay curled up in their warm hidey-holes —

I did some snowshoeing in my youth, in the New England hills. These people make it look easy; it is not. It’s MUCH more of a total-body aerobic workout than most people expect. But the silent woods on a winter day are magnificent!

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