Guest Videos: The Active Volcano Near Taipei (and a writing update)

First, the update: I was really hoping to use my last major DV eBook chapter revision as today’s volcano, but it’s a toughie. Looks like that must wait until next weekend.

So, in a last-moment move, I remembered reading a news story yesterday about an earthquake near one of Taiwan’s volcanoes.

I don’t know anything about this volcano and am sharing things with you as I find them.

For example, what the place looks like:

The YouTube page has some interesting information about Datunshan.

Next, a video about the volcano’s active status:

The BBC wrote about it.

More information:

  • Global Volcanism Program page
  • Central Weather Bureau (CWB)

    I’m a little foggy on volcano monitoring on Taiwan, as there is also a Taiwan Volcano Observatory

  • “Taiwan’s seismic activity has risen this year” Story, October 2022. Judging from the list at CWB’s page recently, this higher activity level continues, although the recent M4- and M5-somethings at time of writing are in a different geographical location from the M3.1 reported above.

I’m glad I stumbled across this and will keep an eye on the Datun Group.

Featured image: Chen Liang-Dao/Shutterstock

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