Guest Videos: The Whistling Dog

Yep. It whistles (but can’t carry a tune):

This foxy-looking hypercarnivore is also known as the dhole or Asiatic wild dog.

It is endangered —

— and these elephants would celebrate its extinction!

There is more, involving wild cattle (gaur), but they’re not as lucky as the elephants.

Hypercarnivores must have meat, no matter what shape it comes in.

Dholes will even gang up on Bengal tigers!

The tiger’s behavior is interesting — cautious, not roaring or making other displays. The dogs might know something about it — perhaps poor health — that we can’t see or possibly it is a female drawing the pack away from cubs?

More information:

A little lagniappe:

Meanwhile, in the human world — Parmesan and Meatball. ❤

Featured image: Tarakanbix/Shutterstock

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