Guest Videos: Shiny Minerals!

Aaaaagh! First workday of the new year!

This calls for some serious Shiny.

First, the Smithsonian:

Of course, there are some shiny minerals you wouldn’t handle so casually for very long —

— and some shinies that you’d proudly flaunt before the world!

Some people flaunt better than others:

This is what’s sparkling on her shoulder at the end.

Lesser-known shiny gems exist, too!

Bottom line: You would not believe what antics the elements pull when under intense heat and pressure. (I couldn’t fully grasp it and so am now retired from a lengthy career that was satisfying but not Geology.)

But the results of all that geophysics and geochemistry sure are beautiful sometimes!

A little lagniappe:

Featured image: PhoenixNeon/Shutterstock

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