Writing Update

The weekend posts on cats, canids, and volcanoes have become great fun for me (and, I hope, also for you), but what I have been focused on behind the scenes is the Decade Volcano eBook revision.

I’m learning a lot about writing as well as volcanoes, but it is time and energy consuming (as all really worthwhile things tend to be).

Believe it or not, I spent all of the summer on the Etna and Vesuvius chapters, and some of the others have called for reworking, too.

I had hoped to get that all done in mid-September, but now I’m wondering if it will be ready by Christmas! 😮

It’s a real watershed in my writing — I’ll never approach another project so lightheartedly again.

Meanwhile, the exploration of the Precambrian and writing about how cats evolved is on hold. Some good ideas have come to me, and as soon as the revised DV book goes live, I’ll get to work on those.

This weekend’s posts are, of course, with a reference to T-day, and the Sunday volcano probably will be a Decade Volcano again, since it is in the US and there’s something related to it we can be thankful for.

Thank you, readers, for your likes and follows. It is so encouraging.

Enjoy your dinosaur, fellow Americans and turkey gourmets!

Featured image: Koldunov Alexey/Shutterstock

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