Guest Videos: Climbing Two of the Solar System’s Tallest Volcanoes

It’s boots-on-the-ground time, people!

If and when we get to Mars, settlement probably won’t play out that exact way.

Still, once our basic needs have been secured, you know what all the colonists will want to do — climb the record holder (note: I haven’t double-checked his facts, but it’s a cool video):


Now let’s go home.

I have such a craving for peppermint candy right now!

This next big volcano, which we read up on last week, you can go out and climb — most of the time, that is; its summit is off limits at the moment because of volcanic unrest.

Climbing it is tough, though, even if you don’t have to start from the volcano’sbase. After all, you’re hauling your full Earth weight, now!

You’d probably see some of these same features, covered in red dust, on Olympus Mons — even though they’re older, there is little erosion on the Red Planet.

Something extra:

Featured image: Nichal Kata/Shutterstock

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