Guest Videos: Devils Tower

Some extinct volcanoes are beautiful, but very few are icons.

This is one of those icons, though you wouldn’t think there was much to it from this view:

Why are they so excited? It’s just rocks and grass, and the windy weather makes it difficult to hear anything.

They seem to be on something rather tall, judging by the background. Let’s send out a drone:

Ah — that place!

But what is Devils Tower, really?

This simple lay video answered that question best for me, from many viewpoints, human and geological:

Plants, I can understand; seeds blow around, and igneous rock often weathers into good soil. But how did all that wildlife get up there?

Climb it, if you want to. You might meet Frank up there, although this video is five years old now:

Featured image: bbarth/Pixabay, public domain

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