Guest Video: The Red Wolf

I only discovered that the US Southeast has wolves while looking up possible wildlife impacts of Hurricane Ian.

These rare canids are not in harm’s way — at least from weather.

This video by conservationists tells us about them, but the Canid Specialist Group page describe the complexities of this reintroduction effort.

In other countries, local residents and livestock owners dislike the release of endangered big cats, too.

A lesson learned in these experiences (although I don’t have the source at hand) is that such conservation efforts don’t work in the long run unless all stakeholders get something out of it.

I don’t know if US plans for the red wold are limited to public education or if they also include compensation for property losses from these carnivores, as many countries do with big cats.

Here is the US Fish and Wildlife Service red wolf project page.

This week they invited public comment on the recovery plan. They also have an information event scheduled for later this month.

Good luck, Canis rufus!

Featured image: As the photographer notes, this is an incredibly rare sighting of a red wolf in snow. Image: Georgi Baird/Shutterstock.

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